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Serving conscious entrepreneurs & small businesses to design & develop dynamic web presences to support the growth and evolution of your mission.
Web Design  //  Digital Strategy  //  Dynamic Development  //  Integration & Automation
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I collaborate with you to channel, create, and communicate your entrepreneurial visions into digital form to best connect and align with the individuals your gifts and offerings are intended to serve.

who I work with

I’m here to support creative, spiritual, and healing entrepreneurs to bring cohesion, organization, and strategy to their online footprint. I work with those that are well into their business journey and know the value of investing into the growth and expansion of their offerings.

how I can support you & your business

Complete web strategy, design, and development

Custom website solutions tailored to your business growth, development, & expansion needs

Ongoing site maintenance and growth support

Custom plans to handle site maintenance and site modifications as your business and website needs evolve

Integration & automation support

Custom configurations to allow your website platform and tools to function on autopilot

who I am

Hi! I'm Amanda.

I’m all about using the amazing tools of the internet to work for us and allow our businesses to grow in exponential ways.

Over ten years ago, I began exploring the world of Wordpress and tinkering with figuring out how to make websites do what feel like magical things. This has developed into a great gift in creating online platforms that serve the missions of my clients.

I’m not a one-size-fits-all web designer, but one that sees the uniqueness of each of my clients and creates an online representation of that uniqueness.

I feel honored by each of my client’s trust in entering in this co-collaborative journey!

how it works

1. Discovery call
Through our discovery call, we'll determine the scope of your project and determine a timeline. You'll receive a proposal and contract that will initiate the following steps.
2. Acquire assets
You'll receive a document with instructions regarding the needed assets - photography, graphics, branding, content, etc. - to be completed in time for the project start date.
3. Design & development
This is when the project begins on my end! I'll be designing and building the site while being in close communication with you for important feedback to guide the process.
4. Final approval
Once the site is complete, you'll have a final approval to make sure the site and details are to your loving!
5. Launch
This is the exciting step when you get to launch your new site! Before doing so, we'll have a hand-off call so I can explain the need-to-know info to use your site.


My favorite website platform is Wordpress, but I can also create your website on Squarespace or Kajabi if that is your preference and would make the most sense for your business needs. We can discuss your specific needs and preferences and decide on a platform from there.

  1. Request a discovery call and schedule discovery call.
  2. Have a discovery call to discuss your visions for the site and for us to uncover if working together would work out for us both.
  3. Receive a proposal for the project with an outlined timeframe for the work to be completed. Agree upon the proposal, sign a contract, and pay for the project or a initial payment to secure the space on my calendar.
  4. Receive a document that outlines needed assets and content to complete the site. This is needed to be completed by the start date of the project.
  5. Building of the site - During this time you will receive draft versions that you will give me feedback about until we get the version that matches your vision.
  6. Final revisions and approval - Towards the end of our timeframe, you will have the opportunity to request final revision prior to the launch to confirm you love the final product.
  7. Walkthrough call - I will give you a walk through of the pertinent information needed for you to use your site so you feel comfortable and confident operating your site behind the scenes.
  8. Ongoing maintenance and modification - Websites require maintenance, and I offer maintenance packages to keep my clients' sites optimized and secure. As your business grows and evolves, I'm available to support you with those modifications (site modifications included with higher packages or as needed at an hourly rate).

There are two main reasons that site maintenance is important for online growth and expansion.

Firstly, having an updated site keeps your site secure and in great working order. And next, it's likely that your business is a dynamic and growing entity. Having your website reflect that changing nature prevents your website from becoming like a stale, old brochure.


Following our discovery call, you will receive a proposal for the potential work. You will have the option to pay in full up front at a slightly lower price or in monthly installments.

Having clarity in our business is essential to communicating with and connecting to those that would benefit from our offerings. And, having a website that exemplifies that clarity signals to potential customers whether we are their person.

I help you identify what is necessary to display on your site to get them to take action, AND I design the site with a strategy that makes it obvious for your potential customer what to do next.

Additionally, I create integrations and automations to allow your website to work seamlessly and on autopilot. We want our technology to allow us to work smarter and bring more ease into the journey.

A dynamic website is one that is designed to grow as your business and needs grow. Through our initial time together, we will uncover what content and offerings change over time. I will design the site to expand and reflect your most current and up-to-date offerings.

Your business is a living and breathing entity, and your website should reflect that dynamic nature.

The DIY options available are quite remarkable and have come a long way! These options allow for many of us to start a website when we begin our business journeys.

That being said, there's lots that can be missing for those that get easily overwhelmed with the fiddling that can come with the design, development, integration, and automation of an online platform.

Additionally, we get to a certain point in the business journey when it comes time to upgrade from the piecemeal set up and into one that can function more seamlessly. There are more robust setups that can support and allow us to automate and streamline our business processes, so we can further expand our business and offering potentials.

I typically work with those that are 1+ years into their business journey, as this allows for greater clarity about their website needs.

My website creations are an investment, and the website we create is only as effective as we are clear about your business. It is my goal for your website to return the investment that you put into, and business clarity is an important piece of that equation.

That being said, if you are earlier on in business but feel you have great clarity, fill a the discovery call request form, and I can give you feedback about what's possible in us working together.

The logo, color palette, and typography are all important elements to communicate with your customers and audience.

Logos are not my specialty, so I like to recommend that you work with a graphic designer if you want something highly specialized (if you don't already have branding). They can often work with you to create your logo and color palette.

That being said, I enjoy creating color palettes and selecting typography to create a brand and aesthetic for the site. Should you not require a very specialized logo, creating the branding and aesthetic can be included the work we do together.

I recommend using current and on-brand professional photography in the creation of your new site.

If you don't have current photos, I ask that you have the photos available before the beginning of your project start date, as the photos will be used in the development of the site.

To ensure that your site is completed on schedule, we will plan the start date to allow you to complete this step with enough time to spare.

Having an online footprint that you own and represents all that you and your business offers allows for the growth and optimization of your business.

A custom website strategy can allow us to create a website that reflects the specifics of your business. This allows for us to encourage specific actions that we wish the visitors to take, which means the website is more effective at converting to paying customers (or whatever your desired metrics may be).

Your online hub that is organized in a optimal and strategic way allows for you to virtually communicate the clarity about your offerings and business. This allows your customers feel more confident about taking the next step with you.

Ready to organize, optimize, & expand your online presence?

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